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NEHCRI (NITD-Eijkman Institute-Hasanuddin University Clinical Research Initiative)

For the fist time Novartis has established an outreach clinical centre in Indonesia, focusing on researched on tropical diseases. The NITD - Eijkman Institute - Hasanuddin University Clinical Research Initiative (NEHCRI) aims to be an effective partnership to drive clinical research in dengue fever and tuberculosis (TB) and malaria.

The NEHCRI alliance will provide researchers at NITD direct access to hospitals and patients in a real-life context on a daily basis, and provide a platform to lay the groundwork for the clinical development of new medicines against dengue fever and TB.

The Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD) will contribute its broad expertise in all aspects of drug discovery and development, as well as innovative technologies and financial support. NITD will also train and educate young students, post-docs and healthcare staff.

The Eijkman Institute carries out fundamental research in biomedical areas of strategic importance to Indonesia, including molecular biology related research. The Institute's research program was developed following a strategy to ensure scientific performance at an internationally competitive level. In addition, the Institute will offer an excellent facility to enhance the study of molecular biology and biochemistry of dengue fever and TB.

The Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin University is one of the prominent medical schools in Indonesia. The Faculty is located in Makassar, a strategic city and the center for development in the eastern region of Indonesia. The Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin University will establish a clinical research unit devoted to patient studies of new diagnostics, biomarker technologies and novel drug candidates.

Starting 2011, Novartis enhances its partnership with University of Hasanuddin to find a novel drug candidates for tropical diseases (dengue, malaria, TB). Since then, the name change to NHCRI (NITD - Hasanuddin University Clinical Research Initiatives)



On March 7th, 1996 Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy, the two Swiss-based chemical/life sciences giants, became Novartis.

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